Panasonic HPX2000 Camera announced

The Panasonic AJ-HPX2000 has been re-announced (sorry, can’t find the official press posting). It’s a 2/3″ HD camera in an ENG body. It makes use of P2 cards, so it’s sort of a big brother to the HVX-200. 24p is included as expected. There’s one interesting item, which is that it can be switched between DVCProHD (their normal, 100mbps HD codec) and AVC-Intra, a codec of which I have no prior knowledge. It sounds like it’s an H264 based intraframe codec which can achieve half the bitrate of DVCProHD at the same quality level. That’s important for Panasonic, as the P2 card format puts a real limit on recording times. Note that AVC-Intra and AVCHD are not the same formats. Helpful!

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