Before anyone emails me about this…

Every now and again someone will ask me why we don’t support RealVideo encoding on Media Mill. The answer is because we can’t. However, there’s an article up on Kenstone right now that seems to imply otherwise. Most of what the article covers is in line with the way we handle non-Quicktime formats on Media Mill, but the Real plugin bit is a off. Their plugin doesn’t work in 10.4, and doesn’t support intel. Even if it did, I don’t believe the Real plugin ever worked within Compressor.

As Real says here, “There are no plans on the schedule for fixes or feature enhancements to the plug-in. Community members and developers seeking compatibility with Tiger 10.4 and/or with desire to enhance the plug-in, are invited to download the plug-in source for fix and further application development. ” I.E., Don’t get your hopes up.

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