I’m so Web2.0 that I bleed rounded corners

Sorry for the slow updates lately. We’ve started our semester here at the University of Minnesota, so much of my time is being spent getting the young folk excited about production. Woo.

The other major time sink lately has been a major set of new features for Media Mill, including project management, locking and tagging, and drag and drop clip organization. An unfortunate side effect of all this goodness has been growth in page load times. In my case, loading the “my videos” page results in 250K of html, in addition to the included javascript libraries. So, rather than follow the advice of my namesake to “simplify and add lightness,” I’ve instead focused on complicating and adding ajax. Thus the title of this post. You’re going to love it.

Anyways, the video industry is in a post-CES, pre-NAB lull right now. Everyone is off drinking at Sundance,and frankly I don’t really care about Sundance…

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