Focus Enhancements Makes Me Sad

Focus Enhancements really disappoints me. It’s a company with a really good product, in the Firestore line. Maybe not the most polished interface, but it gets the job done in a usable form factor. But somehow the company is still managing to destroy itself.

We recently ordered 3 80gig FS-4Pro units. We got shipped PAL units the first time, and 40gig units the second time. Still waiting to see what happens the third time. I’ve had similarly disappointing experiences in the past.

I really get the feeling that it’s a company suffering due to a lack of direction and focus (ironically). They make semiconductors, digital signs, asset management tools, portable harddisk recorders, etc. The company is now at risk of delisting from the NASDAQ. It just makes me very sad, because it’s a company that deserves to prosper. They’ve got the right product at the right time, but somehow it’s still being botched.

Enough ranting, I just feel like they’re blowing it and it makes me sad…

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