NAB Day One Update

Been trying to post all day, but for whatever reason ecto doesn’t want to submit a post over a VPN connections. So, here’s my summary of day one, condensed into one post.

Sometime this week, Apple will ship an update for Final Cut Pro to support Canon 24f and JVC 24p. They’re running it in all the booths right now, calling it a community preview. There is talk of a major Apple announcement at 5pm tomorrow, though it’s not clear whether it’ll be anything more than “5.1.1 is shipping!”

Focus has announced a Firestore FS-C designed to work with the XL-H1. Their explanation of how it differed from the FS4pro was rather… ambiguous. No update on support for Quicktime within the FS4ProHD, aside from “It’s coming soon!”

RED is an absolute joke. As in, I’m pretty sure they’re just toying with the video industry. Their booth, which involved a tent that you had to swipe to enter, contained some milled metal “prototyped” that appeared, as best as I could tell, to be completely random. They had some posters talking about how they’ll be supporting killer formats, but it sure seemed like more smoke and mirrors.

Biggest diss of the day (aside from one I’m not allowed to discuss) is Avid showing a screenshot of the iTunes video store, saying “most of these shows are cut on Avid!”

More later!

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