Announcing: Synergizer

Hoorah! You can download it! Synergizer for OSX Synergizer for Windows XP

You need to know the IP address of your Synergy. The username and password default to the Synergy defaults, though you can modify them in the preferences. You also need to have Quicktime installed. Should work on any Synergy MD or MD-X, though I’ve only tested it on my 2MD.

Why would you want to use it? Well, first off, it’s your only option on the Mac. Secondly, it allows you to upload any image file format (jpeg, gif, PSD, whatever), and it’ll take care of getting it into the right format for the Synergy. Drag and drop, easy peasy, hoorah!

Edit: Apparently the Synergy doesn’t like ampersands and whatnot. I’ll fix that in the next release, for now just name your files appropriately.

2 thoughts on “Announcing: Synergizer

  1. Congratulations on your Mac Transfer program!
    We intend to come up with a more universal solution where you can just drop any images across any network as a file and the system takes care of the rest but you seem to have beat us to an interim solution.
    Very impressive!
    What facility are you at? I know that the guys at Current TV (partially owned by Steve Jobs and very heavy into Macs for some reason) might find your solution interesting.
    If you want any additional help on whether this might hurt your $100,000 Synergy MD switcher or potentially confuse the internal database feel free to email the head of the Synergy MD/X software team:
    Yup. You never know who might actually be reading these blogs! Also, you apparently never know what you might find when you google “Ross Synergy MD” to get a feel for what’s going on out there!
    David Ross
    Ross Video

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