Ross sent me an MD Chassis

So yesterday a very bewildered Fedex guy (having navigated through our little snow storm) came to my office saying that he had a big box on a pallet for me. It turns out that it was a spare chassis for a Synergy MD switcher. Which I haven’t requested, yet was addressed to me. And I seem to be the only one who finds this odd.


Edit: Ok, apparently it’s a replacement chassis so that I can swap our cards around and then take advantage of a software upgrade. They just forgot to let me know…


Focus almost gets it right!

On the third try, I received three FS-4ProHD 80gig Firestore recorders. They’re all NTSC too! All three work, but one came with a faulty charger. So, that makes us 2 for 9 I guess. Hrm.

Anyways, they work pretty well as far as I can tell. I’m going to try and do a full review on Friday.

For-A Hanabi

Ok, I’ve never heard of this company before. That may be my own ignorance though. For-A has announced a portable HD/SD switcher with HDV, DV, SDI and HDSDI. It’s called the 2M/E Hanabi and it’s supposed to be “affordable”. Sub $30k. Take a look at the spec sheet, and be amazed! They’re definitely going on my “See at NAB” list.

 Product Img Hvs3800Hs 01

24 frames of sadness

I find it absolutely astounding that support for 24p/24f HDV video post production is so poor. Final Cut can’t do it right, Avid can’t do it right, Premiere can’t do it right.

I understand that something like Final Cut can’t be “turned on a dime” so to speak, but seeing as 24p was the buzzword to have in a product over the last few years, I can’t understand why support has been so slow in coming. As best I can tell, neither Canon or JVC do anything particularly unpleasant when they write the signal to tape.

I wanted to take a moment to quickly run through the different options for cutting 24p/24f on a Mac, to try and sum up why they’re all terrible. Follow the jump for more fun and depression!

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